Can I use paytm without kyc in 2020

Paytm Kyc is the more searching topics nowadays, more people write to us “can i use Paytm without KYC” as you know that if you want to start Paytm on android and ios app you need to a mobile number that time you need to a mobile number and if you have an Aadhar card you can do your half KYC instantly and easily. 

Can i use Paytm without KYC?

No without any KYC you can’t send or received any transition on Paytm wallet, According to RBI guidelines in India any wallet apps or website can not authorize any user to money transection without any KYC.

But if you want to use Paytm to pay money directly bank or other debits cards you can do, without KYC you can recharge mobiles and pay any fairs to direct your bank. If you need to use Paytm’s wallet you need to at least half KYC.

How to do KYC in Paytm online at Home 

Paytm kyc is a very easy and free process you can complete KYC online at home easily when you start paytm and sign up Paytm into your smartphone that time Paytm asks kyc complete or skip. Paytm give us more way to complete kyc in lockdown period Paytm introduce video KYC method its lifetime KYC, so how many ways we can complete kyc given bellow

  1. Paytm ekyc
  2. Paytm Doorstep kyc
  3. Paytm video kyc

1Paytm ekyc , in this method you need to a valid Aadhar card you can do your kyc at yourself but its KYC duration is limited after one year you need to extend your KYC. and second things you cant transect money 2,00,000 per year

  • Can pay to 12 Million+ Merchants who accept Paytm
  • Can pay online on any app/website
  • Maintain balance up to ₹10,000 per month
  • Cannot send money to a friend’s wallet
  • Cannot transfer money to the bank
  • Cannot keep the balance of up to ₹1,00,000
  • Cannot open Savings Account

2.  Paytm Doorstep kyc in this kyc process paytm agent came to your doors and verified your document but in this case you pay 150 rupee for charge doorstep kyc

3. Paytm video kyc Its the recent paytm update and mostly people use this kyc method in this method you need to your Addhar card and Your Pan Card for showing in the video call to Paytm agents, in this way you can do your paytm kyc easily at your home online