How to block sbi atm card | How to unblock sbi atm card

How to block sbi atm card and Unblock If you have an account with the bank, must have an ATM card because you are given an ATM card and an open time account. If you have an ATM card. Sometimes our ATM card is lost or stolen, what should we do in such a situation, if the ATM card is lost or stolen, then the ATM card should be blocked first. so today we are talking about How to block sbi atm card.

you can save your ATM card from being used wrongly, in this post today we are going to give information related to this. If you use the sbi Net Banking, then you can block your ATM Card very easily, although not everyone has Net Banking, you have to apply by filling a separate form to take it. 

How to block sbi atm card

If you have Net Banking of SBI Bank, then you must be using the app named State Bank Yono or lite, if you don’t have, then start using it because it is a very useful app, in addition to blocking the sbi atm card, you can use your bank More related work can be done. Let us know how to block ATM Card from State Bank yono app.  

  • First of all, you have to open this app and log in with your Net Banking username and password. After this, go to the option of Services at the bottom. On clicking on services, you will see the option of Debit card hot listing on this app, on which you have to click. block sbi atm
  • After this, you have to select the account number, card number and can give any reason to block the card. After writing all these, you have to click on submit, then an OTP on your registered mobile number which is confirmed and your ATM card is blocked. after it will not use your card.
  • Many account holders do not have Net Banking, in which case if you do not have Net Banking also, you can block ATM Card by SMS or Phone. 
  • To block the card through SMS, you will have to send an SMS from your registered mobile number. In this SMS, you have to send BLOCK <last 4 digit number of card> to 567676, this will block your card. If you want, you can also block your card by asking the bank’s customer, for this almost all the banks have provided helpline numbers. 
  • Sbi helpline number bank also available in SBI Bank, which is something like this – 1800112211 or 18004253800, so in this way, you can block ATM card by SMS or phone.

How to unblock sbi atm card

When you put the wrong PIN in ATM machine many times, your ATM card is blocked due to security reasons, then in such a situation, how to unblock ATM card and you do not have to do anything because the card block There is a time limit of 24 hours which means that the card blocked by entering the wrong PIN automatically becomes blocked after the next 24 hours. 

If the ATM card is not blocked even after 24 hours have passed, then you can take help from the bank’s helpline number. Many people have a question that once the card is blocked, can it be unblocked? The answer is no, if you have blocked your card by calling online, app, SMS or phone, then you cannot unblock it again, in such a situation you will have to apply for a new ATM card in Sbi Bank.

So now you must know how to do ATM Card Block and Unblock. If you have an ATM card, then you should know such important information, it can come in handy anytime. In many cases, people lose their ATM card. They are not able to block, after which that card can also be used incorrectly. 

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