How to open NRE Account in HDFC Bank

When we stay abroad for a long time, we are called NRI (non-resident Indians). So for such people, all banks in India allow the opening of the NRE account. In today’s post, we will discuss what is different between NRE and normal saving accounts and how to open an NRE account in HDFC Bank, and what are the benefits. 

 First of all, know what is different between NRE and a normal savings account. Both these bank accounts are opened inside your nearest bank branch and the amount you have inside both shows in the Indian rupee. The advantage of NRE is that you do not have to give the interest that you have to pay on it, as well as whatever amount you have remaining, you can withdraw it at any time within any country. Because the NRE account is only for NRI people, therefore only foreign currency can be deposited in it. Along with Nro account, you can open an NRO account, in which you can deposit foreign currency as well as Indian currency.

nre account

The biggest benefit of an NRE account is that the tax we have to pay on interest becomes tax-free. All the other features are available in the savings account, you will see it in it. Let’s see how you can

How to Open NRE Account in HDFC Bank  

open a non-account. To open an NRE account, you must be NRI. You can open this account online or offline in India. By the way, all the banks are offering you the option of online account opening at this time. Where you can easily open an Anari account from abroad by giving your details.

 Talking about HDFC Bank, below you have been given the link, by clicking on that link, you will get the form of NRO account opening, where you can fill your details and open the account easily.

  1. You have to submit a request to do this. 
  2. After that, you will be called or emailed by the bank on the email ID and mobile number given by you. 
  3. where you will have to give your details again, along with attaching your document and sending it to the bank branch.
  4. Then the bank’s form and other documents will be attached by the bank and sent to your email. to sign it will have to sign it By taking a print out of these emails, where you have, you and courier this form.
  5. At the address of the bank, after verifying the documents sent by you, your bank account and user ID will be sent to your email for internet banking, in whichever country you have been,

  There is a different provision for keeping a minimum balance in HDFC NRE account. . If you are from an urban area, then you have to have a 10000 minimum account. On the other hand, if you are from a rural area, then you have to maintain a minimum balance of 5000.

  When your bank account is opened and you get your account number, then your minimum balance will be deposited in your account by any found transfer platform like western union or Moneygram. And its slip will have to be sent to the email id given by the bank, which will activate your bank account. After that, you can manage all your ATM cards or debit cards by activating Net Banking.

 To know more about HDFC Net Banking and Anari Account, you can watch the below videos where you have been given all the information in detail.