How to transfer money from paytm wallet to bank account

Paytm Wallet to Bank account transfer is easy and you may send cash to the bank at no extra charges as well. If you are a Paytm user then you definitely may know that you can use Paytm for online bill funds. After the demonetization, a lot of people started using online cash transfer, online bill payments. Many e-commerce shops settle for online payments by Paytm, Amazon, Mobikwik, Google Pay or another online payment app by QR Scan.paytm wallet to bank account

Paytm additionally offers us the facility to transfer money from one bank account other. However, users usually complain that they are charged 5% convenience price for transferring money from their Paytm wallet to a bank account.

Principally you may transfer money from Paytm Wallet to Bank Account primarily in 2 methods.

  1. Using Paytm For Business
  2. Transfer Money from Paytm Wallet to Bank with Charge.

Paytm wallet to bank account using Paytm For Business

Step1:-Download Paytm For Business App.

Step1:-Sign Up using Name, Email ID, Paytm Number, PAN Card Number.

Step2:-Add Bank A/C on which you want to receive Payments.

Step3:-Open QR Code and tell customers to scan it and pay via Paytm Wallet or Bank.

Step4:-Done! You have received payments. You’ll receive the balance in your linked bank after next day morning.

Paytm wallet to bank account Normal Process

If you want to transfer your wallet balance to your bank account without following any lengthy course of then you can use this method. This can be a regular process for the wallet to bank transfer. A lot of the Paytm users know this method but they don’t want to use because of its extra charges.

  1. Open the Paytm app & Click on ‘Passbook’
  2. Choose ‘Paytm Wallet’
  3. Choose ‘Send Money To Bank’
  4. Click ‘Transfer’
  5. Enter the amount & bank details
  6. Confirm the transfer
  7. Its done! Money transferred successfully

Note: You have to pay 5% charge for Paytm wallet to bank transfer. According to Paytm’s schedule of charges, any transactions less than 10,000 will be carried out for free. For transactions larger than 10,000 in a month, the digital fund’s firm will cost you a quantity of 1.75% plus GST.

How to Transfer Paytm wallet to bank account without KYC?

You need to use many strategies like you should use or transfer to Merchant Account. Also, You can use as doing Recharge

  • You can transfer any merchant account then transfer
  • second use any online shopping or mobile recharge

How much money we can transfer from Paytm to the bank?
You’ll be able to transfer as much as Rs.20,000 per month from Paytm to your Bank Account. This limit applies to minimum KYC (Rs.20,000) wallet whereas Full KYC (Rs.1 lakh) wallet users can transfer up to Rs. 25,000 monthly. You can send minimums 100 rupees in the bank account

Does Paytm charge extra for bank transfer?
Paytm would not cost any price on transferring money from your checking account to another bank account. Nevertheless, for those who transfer cash from your Paytm pockets to a different checking account, the corporate will cost a fee of 5%.

How can I increase my Paytm limit?
As a Paytm KYC user, you may settle for up to Rs. 1 lakh in a month. You’ll be able to switch to bank/wallet Rs.10,000 without adding beneficiary and Rs. 25000 by adding a beneficiary.

Can we send money by Paytm website?
No, until this option not available on the website only its work on Paytm app.