SBI Account Change Mobile Number or Add new Phone number

At the time of opening an account with the bank, you have been required to give your mobile number. But if your account is very old in which mobile number is not linked. So today we will tell you that in three ways you will add a mobile number or change mobile number. If you have not registered your mobile number from your SBI bank account yet, then in this post, we will tell you how to register / link/update / change the mobile number in the account of the State bank of India (SBI).

How to add or change mobile number in SBI account and what are the benefits of it

It is impossible at this time to open a bank account without a mobile number. Because it has been made necessary. If we talk about the benefits of this, the first thing that comes is the security of the bank account that every person wants. Also, you can get all the information related to your bank account from home through your mobile number. If you have registered the mobile number in the bank account, you will get the following information –

  1. depositing the money in the bank account and withdrawing the money, a notification message will come on the mobile.
  2. You will get a message even if money is transferred from your account to someone else’s account.
  3. The message will be sent to your mobile even after any transaction from the ATM (Debit Card).
  4. Even if you make an online payment, the message will be sent to your mobile number.
  5. If you want to start internet banking or mobile banking then your mobile number must be registered.
  6. You can easily get bank balances and much more information.
  7.  if there is any activity in your bank account, then the information is first given to you on mobile.

How to register mobile number in SBI account

Now it comes, how will you add your mobile number to your SBI account. By the way, nobody’s mobile number is connected to the account yet. Because it has been made necessary, you cannot open an account without this. However, due to some reason, there is no mobile number linked to your account, read the points given below carefully. Or if you want to change your old number, still read this article.

  1. Bank Branch 
  2. ATM Card 
  3. SBI Internet Banking

1. How to register a new mobile number through SBI Bank Branch

  1. Go to your bank branch where the account is open.
  2. Take the form to change the mobile number / or add a new phone number and fill it.
  3. Photocopy your passbook with this form and collect whatever documents the bank employees ask for and collect it.
  4. Your new number or account will be added in 24 hours.

How to register/change mobile number through ATM?

  1. Go to SBI atm and swipe your ATM.
  2. You choose the mobile number registration option from here and continue by entering the PIN number.
  3. If you want to register a new mobile number, then choose a new mobile registration and if you want to change the mobile number, select the change mobile number.
  4. After this enter your mobile number and click on the correct button and on the next screen, you will have to click on the confirm button.
  5. Now you will get a confirmation message on whatever your mobile number will be.
  6. And a 10 digit reference number will come on your mobile which has to be written and sent in the format mentioned on 567676. After this, your mobile number will finally be registered.

How to register/change mobile number in SBI Net banking 

  1. Open any internet browser and go to the SBI Net Banking website.
  2. After going to SBI Net Banking, go to your profile> there you will get the option to change the number where you will have to enter your profile password.
  3. You have to click on such “Change Mobile Number-Domestic only (Through OTP / ATM / Contact Center)” here.
  4. Here you, enter your mobile number and submit it.
  5. Here you will be given 3 options to verify the mobile number, in which there will be an option of OTP, select it.
  6. After that, you have to select your account number.
  7. Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, which will have to be intercepted here.
  8. After this, a message will come on your mobile, that is, your mobile number has been changed.

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